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Products and Services

Westwood Security Shutters Ltd is a leading name among roller shutter companies in the UK. We specialise in manufacturing and installing a wide range of roller shutter doors, ensuring that your commercial or industrial property remains secure and efficient.

Our products include commercial roller shutters, fire shutters, shop front window shutters, and more. Whether you need an electric roller shutter door or chain operated roller shutter doors, we have the expertise and thirty years of manufacturing experience to deliver top-notch solutions tailored to your needs.

Roller Shutters

Roller Shutters

Providing flexible roller shutter solutions to the UK Westwood Security provide shutter doors for commercial, residential and public sector customers.

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internal fire shutter

Fire Shutters

Fire shutters installed in Factories, Warehouses, Shopping Centres, Offices, Schools, Colleges, Care Homes, Sports Clubs and Prisons across the UK.

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Warehouse doors

Warehouse Doors

Our Warehouse Doors provide you with security features but offer the added benefit of reducing energy bills by keeping warm air in during the winter

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High speed door with visual panel

High Speed Doors

We know in some industries time is vital and our high-speed doors ensure that your operations are never slowed down

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Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains

Fire Curtains can save lives and should be regarded as an essential component to any fire safety system.

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Insulated Doors

Insulated Doors

Insulated doors provide you with security features and offer the added benefit of reducing energy bills.

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Collapsible Gate

Collapsible Gates

Collapsible Gates offer an attractive yet highly visible deterrent to potential intruders.

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Roller shutter factory

Our Factory

Our modern 8,000 sq ft factory is based in the centre of Manchester close to the motorway network.

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Rollershutter maintenance


Our team of engineers are vastly experienced, ensuring that work is carried out to the highest standard.

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Roller Shutter Repairs


Our U.K. team of qualified specialist engineers are based at our Head Office in Manchester and are vastly experienced.

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DIY Kits

DIY Kits

We specialise in the manufacture, distribution and installation of all types of Bar Roller Shutters and Retractable Gates.

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Roller Shutter Export


We have significant experience of managing export orders of all sizes to many countries across Europe the World.

More about our Export Service
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Comprehensive Shutter Repair and Emergency Services

We understand the importance of maintaining the functionality of your roller shutters. Our dedicated team offers swift and reliable shutter repair services to keep your doors operational. In case of urgent issues, our emergency roller shutter repairs are available round the clock.

We provide services for all types of shutters, including electric shutters and industrial sliding doors. Ensuring your property’s security is our priority, and we are committed to providing prompt and professional assistance whenever you need it.

Fast Turnaround

We can manufacture very quickly please let us know if you’re in a rush or have a short deadline

Powder Coated Fire Shutter

Advanced Solutions for Enhanced Security and Efficiency

At Westwood Security Shutters Ltd, we offer a variety of specialised products to meet diverse requirements.

Our fire curtains and automatic fire curtains are designed to enhance safety in your premises. For businesses requiring high-speed access, our high speed roller shutter doors are an excellent choice.

We also provide insulated roller shutters to improve energy efficiency and roller shutters with wicket doors for convenient access. Additionally, our shutters for shop fronts and workshop roller shutter doors are crafted to offer maximum protection and aesthetic appeal.

Explore our comprehensive range of roller shutter doors and experience the quality and reliability that makes us one of the top roller shutter companies in the UK. Contact us today to discuss your needs and find the perfect solution for your property.

Exploring the Versatility of Roller Shutter Doors

Roller shutter doors are an integral part of many commercial and industrial properties. They provide robust security and can be customised to meet specific needs. At Westwood Security Shutters Ltd, we offer a wide selection of products, including commercial roller shutters and shop window shutters, designed to protect your premises effectively. Our electric roller shutter door solutions offer the convenience of automation, while chain operated roller shutter doors provide a cost-effective alternative.

Shutter repair is essential to maintaining the longevity and functionality of these doors. Regular maintenance can prevent unexpected breakdowns, but in case of urgent issues, our emergency roller shutter repairs service is available 24/7. We ensure that your roller shutters are always in optimal condition, providing peace of mind and uninterrupted operation.

Fire curtains and automatic fire curtains are also part of our product range, offering additional safety measures in case of fire incidents. These curtains can contain fire and smoke, preventing them from spreading throughout the building. For businesses needing rapid access, our high speed roller shutter doors are engineered to open and close quickly, enhancing operational efficiency.

Powder Coated Fire Shutter
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Powder Coated Fire Shutter

Enhancing Property Security with Roller Shutter Solutions

Security is a primary concern for any business owner. Westwood Security Shutters Ltd provides a range of solutions designed to enhance the security of your property. Our industrial roller doors are built to withstand harsh conditions and provide robust protection against unauthorised access. For storefronts, our shutters for shop fronts offer both security and aesthetic appeal, blending seamlessly with the building’s design.

Insulated roller shutters are an excellent choice for businesses looking to improve energy efficiency. These shutters help maintain indoor temperatures, reducing heating and cooling costs. Additionally, our roller shutters with wicket doors offer convenient access while ensuring the area remains secure.

In case of damage or malfunction, our shutter repair services are just a call away. We also offer emergency roller shutter repairs to address urgent issues promptly. Regular maintenance checks can help prevent potential problems, ensuring your shutters remain functional at all times.

Our fire curtains and automatic fire curtains provide an added layer of safety by containing fires and smoke within designated areas. This feature is crucial for minimising damage and ensuring the safety of occupants during fire incidents. With a focus on quality and reliability, Westwood Security Shutters Ltd is your go-to partner for all your security needs.

Advanced Features of Modern Roller Shutter Doors

Modern roller shutter doors come with various advanced features designed to enhance their functionality and performance. At Westwood Security Shutters Ltd, we strive to incorporate the latest technologies into our products. Our high speed roller shutter doors are perfect for businesses that require quick access, improving workflow efficiency.

Electric shutters have become increasingly popular due to their ease of use. These shutters can be operated with a remote control or switch, providing convenience without compromising on security. For areas where power supply may be a concern, chain operated roller shutter doors offer a reliable alternative.

Our product range also includes industrial sliding doors, which are ideal for large openings where traditional roller shutters may not be suitable. These sliding doors provide smooth operation and can be customised to fit specific dimensions.

For enhanced security during off-hours, our shop window shutters offer robust protection against vandalism and break-ins. We also provide workshop roller shutter doors designed to safeguard tools and equipment in industrial settings. In addition to these options, insulated roller shutters help maintain optimal temperatures within your premises, contributing to energy savings.

At Westwood Security Shutters Ltd, we prioritise customer satisfaction by offering comprehensive shutter repair services and emergency roller shutter repairs. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that your shutters remain in top condition, providing reliable security for your property at all times.

Powder Coated Fire Shutter
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Customer Reviews on Google

Aiden Tibbs
16 May 2024
Really pleased with the whole install process, the team carried this out professionally and with minimal impact to our operations. A great result, thanks to all involved. Aiden Tibbs, HSF Manager, World of Books
david law
4 April 2024
Very fast service Would recommend
lorek signs
4 April 2024
We had a really great experience with Westwood Security Shutters. They were helpful from start to finish and we are extremely pleased with the end product. We would highly recommend and would definitely use Westwood Security Shutters again if we require. Thanks Lorek
Ken Clifford
4 April 2024
Have used Westwood shutters for a few years, very friendly, and a fantastic customer service. The motor to the front entrance shutter to school broke, they were here within an hour, cut open the shutter and everybody got into school on time. I highly recommend Westwood to everybody for any roller shutter work.
Clive Hicks
3 April 2024
Westwood always deliver a great product for us at TG Escapes - timescales are always tight but quality of product and service is very good.
Andrew Barker
6 March 2024
First class service, measured & quoted day1, ordered day2, fitted day 3.
Angus Deas
28 January 2024
Friendly, helpful service. Very quick turnround from order to fit. Installation professional and efficient
shaun robinson
17 January 2024
Contracted Westwood security shutters to install a shutter at purfleet very impressed with the service from the first phone call through to installation