Anti-Fall Safety Break
The anti-fall safety brake is used for protecting the shutter system. When the shutter speed  falls rapidly for  any reason and  the speed exceeds 22 RPM, the brake will work and protect the whole system. Technical Info 1.  The maximum speed of the RSB-1-18 series shutter door safety brake's normal working is 22RPM 2. RSB-1-18 series shutter door safety brake should accord with this standard, produce according to the drawings and technical documents following the prescribed procedures for approval. 3. The shutter door safety brake can be used in the condition of below height above sea level, environment temperature and air relative temperature. The height above sea level of installation site is at most 2000m. 4. When the door hanger system's malfunction happens, the door page should stop and keep the safety distance after last downward movement (or drop) at most 300mm. 5. The plate may not move when the shutter door safety brake works and braking torque is less than the specified torque. 6. The plate should move immediately when the shutter door safety brake works and instantaneous maximum braking torque greater than or equal to the specified torque.