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Bucking The Trend- Westwood Security Shutters Ltd. Are Now Hiring Staff After Predicting HUGE Pent Up Demand!

Optimism may be hard to come by at the moment but Westwood are offering some reasons to be positive.

Westwood Security are currently looking to hire new staff in advance of the anticipated return to business.

Westwood Security Shutters Ltd.

Westwood Security Shutters Ltd.

Predicting a huge build up of demand in the sector post-lockdown and with other projects already in the pipeline, Westwood Security Shutters Ltd. Director Martin Dinnie belives there is reason to be optimistic.

Martin says, "After we finally seem to be resolving the Brexit issue, we have been very busy in 2020. 

"But unfortunately after the Covid 19 outbreak, all sites and projects that we have been working on and have upcoming have been temporarily closed down.  Hopefully, very soon these sites will start to open up."

As a result of this, Martin believes that the backlog of existing work along with the demand built up during the lockdown mean a busy period is ahead, once we can get through the necessarry emergency measures.

For this reason, Westwood are now actively taking on new staff.

"We anticipate that a build-up of business is happing during the lock-down.

"As a result of the work in hand and the percieved increase in demand, we are actively looking today for very good, hard working individuals in all manufacturing departments. Please contact us if you have the relevant industry experience."

If you have experience in or are intrerested in working in manufacturing at Westwood, please email us your CV today to [email protected] 

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