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Roller Shutter Export

Westwood Security Shutters Ltd. offer a worldwide Export Service.

We have significant experience of managing export orders of all sizes to many countries across Europe and throughout the World. 

We are experienced in dealing with packaging and shipping, and also in delivering to strict deadlines. 

Our flexibility allows us to employ the most cost-effective distribution methods based on the scale required and we work with a variety of shipping and transportation partners. 

We specialize in Exports to Ireland, Europe and the Middle East. 

Our export sales have seen significant growth due to the comparative weakness of UK Sterling against the Euro and the US Dollar. Buying high quality products from UK manufacturers has never been more affordable with products now 40% cheaper than they have traditionally been. This is an excellent time to buy from the UK.

Please contact our friendly team for an export enquiry today.

Our products are installed to Offices, Shops, Factories, Warehouses, Schools and other public buildings such as Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Nurseries, Health Centres, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Swimming Baths, Gyms, Recreation Centres, Sports Halls, Prisons and Retirement Homes.

We Export All Our Products Including The Following:

Insulated Industrial Roller Shutter

Bespoke Roller Shutters

Westwood Security provide shutter doors for commercial, residential and public sector customers.

Roller Shutters provide a flexible way to protect a range of properties and the adaptability of this security measure means they are frequently chosen for a variety of applications.

The standard finish for our Westwood roller shutters is 22 gauge galvanised steel.  All guides, canopies, flags and L rails etc. are also galvanised steel for a long lasting, effective operation cycle, ensuring the longevity of your roller shutter investment.  The majority of customers prefer to have a coloured/powder coated finish and we offer any RAL or BS4800 colour which are generally more pleasing to the eye.

We can use our knowledge to deliver and install the shutter type that’s most effective for you, considering your budget, needs and risks. We can design a roller shutter with your working requirements in mind, ensuring it is functional and practical.

Integrated, Effective Fire Shutter Solutions

Westwood Security Shutters Ltd are a market leader in UK fire shutter manufacture and supply, delivering effective, economical, integrated solutions to the private and public sector.  All our fire shutters are compliant to the latest BS EN 16034:2014 – CE Marked BS EN 13241-1:2003.

Our fire shutters can prevent the spread of a fire by up to 4 hours when compared to your typical shutter.

We offer the most popular single skin lathes and also twin skin insulated lathes with rock wool type material sandwiched between the two lathes.  

Fire shutters can help keep people, buildings and other belongings safer in the case of an emergency by compartmentalising the fire and slowing its progression.  

They offer guarantee protection when connected to your alarm system and when not in use fire are discreet but still give you peace of mind.

Fire shutters should be a key part of your overall fire strategy for your building and work seamlessly with other elements, such as smoke alarms or sprinklers.

Fire Shutters
High Speed Stacking Doors (Alfreton)

Delivering Rapid Door Solutions

We know in some industries time is vital and our High Speed Doors ensure that your operations are never slowed down as you move through your building.  If you have areas that experience high volumes of traffic, our high-speed doors are the tried and tested solution for companies large and small, not only ensuring operations can continue but helping to control climate, hygiene and air flow too.

We use only the highest quality products and incorporate cutting edge technology when we manufacture and supply High Speed Doors.  Our doors don’t only provide the rapid response that you’ve been looking for but are designed to withstand accidents.  Unlike other options, high speed doors are created to ‘give’ and reset so they’ll continue to operate effectively should an accident occur.

We know that every business has different needs, so all our high-speed doors can be tailored to meet your demands and size requirements.

VAT Procedures For Export


Where goods purchased from London Roller Shutters are to be exported it may be possible for the goods to be sold without adding VAT. If you intend to export goods you must inform the sales staff immediately of your intention to export who will issue a zero rated invoice if appropriate.

All buyers must pay a refundable deposit equal to the amount of VAT that would otherwise be payable. This must be paid prior to the goods being removed or delivered. This will be held by us and refunded once we receive satisfactory proof of export. In order for the VAT deposit to be refunded, all goods must be exported and proof of export provided (see below) within 3 months of the date of the auction. If we do not receive suitable evidence of export within this time we will keep the VAT deposit and issue an invoice charging VAT at the appropriate rate. Original documents must be provided in order to refund the VAT.

Proof of Export

Evidence must show that the goods you have been supplied with have left the UK. Information held must identify the date and route of the movement of goods and the mode of transport involved. It will include the following:

  • Name and address of vendor
  • Name and address of customer
  • Description of goods
  • Value of goods
  • Date of departure of goods from Westwood Security Shutters Ltd premises and from the UK.
  • Name and address of the hauler collecting the goods
  • Registration number of the vehicle collecting the goods and the name and signature of the driver and, where the goods are to be taken out of the UK by a different hauler or vehicle, the name and address of that hauler, that vehicle registration number and a signature for the goods
  • Route, for example, Channel Tunnel, port of exit
  • Copy of travel tickets
  • Name of ferry or shipping company and date of sailing or airway number and airport.
  • Trailer number (if applicable)
  • Full container number (if applicable)

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