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Folding Security Gates

Collapsible-Gate-Security-London-2 Folding Security Gates are ideal both for Commercial and Domestic applications. Westwood Security Shutters Folding Security Gates are ideal for resisting intruders when a building is empty. Folding Gates slide neatly to one side behind the curtains when not required. We offer a supply and install Folding Gate service or supply only, whichever best suits your needs. Domestic-Window-Security-Retractable-Gate These steel Collapsible Folding Security Gates allow vision and air flow that means that you can leave a room safely unattended with windows open in the summer. Folding Gates need no maintenance and are easy to install, with minimum side bunching and minimum or only a very small amount of headroom required. Our Folding Security Gates are usually installed internally and with minimum disruption, so planning permission is often not required. There is no question that Folding Gates are steadily increasing in popularity. These Folding Security Gate products are generally supplied in a powder-coated white finish. However we can powder coat Folding Security Gates to any standard RAL or BS colour, with either a gloss or matt finish. So make an enquiry to personalise yours. Please feel welcome to contact us over issues or questions that you may have. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to help in any way we possibly can.

Folding Security Gates

Tel: 0161 272 9333 (North) or 0207 873 2390 (South)

We promise to offer a competitive quotation within one hour Collapsible-Window-Security-1-768x413It is a simple matter for our Folding Gates to be adapted to blend in with any type of building environment, so there's no need to worry about your property looking unsightly as a result. Our qualified and experienced Folding Security Gates engineers will work closely with you to ensure that your building is kept secure in the most unobtrusive way. This is especially important in conservation areas. Westwood Security's Folding Security Gates are available in a wide variety of styles. Contact us today to see how we can help secure your property in a way that fully complements your existing architecture. They are also ideal for DIY enthusiasts as we offer a supply only Folding Security Gates service with delivery to your door! Please note that we manufacture Single and Twin Skin Lath Fire Rated Roller Shutters tested to Exova Fire and Safety BSEN 1634-1 and providing up to 4 Hours of fire resistance. The Double Skin Insulated Lath offers additional heat radiation protection.

Benefits of Folding Security Gates

  • Versatile - Easily fits internally into the window reveal or around an opening in either single or double-sash configuration
  • Quick and Easy Installation
  • Excellent through vison and ventilation when locked
  • Custom built for almost any opening
  • Easy to Use - Smooth operation with an optional extra of a lift up bottom track to leave doorways unobstructed
  • Safe and Secure - Multi-point locking from a single key
  • Smooth running carrier system
  • Fast turnaround
  • High Quality Finish - White powder coated finish as standard. Wide range of colours
We offer finance and leasing to business customers. See the Additional Images below or Visit our Folding Gate Image Gallery Retractable-Gates-300x225 Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters at competitive prices.

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