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High Speed Doors: Improve on Energy-Efficiency and Operational Flow

High speed doors are one of the valuable additions for every industry or commercial sector. As the faster versions of conventional door systems (like the roller doors, PVC fabric door, roller shutters and roller doors), the high speed industrial doors operate at speed. These types of industrial doors are designed to offer durability and reliability (for high usage) as well as provide energy efficiency solutions. By installing the high speed industrial doors at your organization, you can conveniently control and manage the traffic movements like the pedestrian traffic, vehicles, forklifts and automated conveyors. This helps in avoiding costly collisions and maintains a smooth business operation.

Why Install the High Speed Industrial Doors?

The high speed industrial doors are durable, safe and efficient that has an excellent operating speed (open and close in a safe and fast way). These types of doors prevent any kind of energy loss to the outside environment and help in preserving the adequate amount of energy required for the indoor. The high speed industrial doors have great features, which not only save energy but also reduce the cost of electricity bills in every month. If you want to ensure a comfortable indoor environment, appropriate temperature and pressure at your working place, warehouse or factory, then installing the high speed industrial doors will prove to be worth.

High Speed Rolling doors

Durability, self-repairing and crash resistant are some of the most commendable features of the high speed doors. Equipped with break-away functions and automatic repair systems, these types of doors function with great efficiency. Being fitted with highly advanced sensors, the high speed doors can sense any kind of obstruction or collisions, (as the door automatically gets reversed). With high speed industrial doors, you can avoid any unlikely crash and enjoy a less door maintenance cost.

Compared to the conventional doors, the high speed industrial doors can move smoother and faster.  These types of doors ensure extreme reliability and maximum productivity.

High Speed Industrial Doors: Where these types of doors are required?

Organizations that focus on meeting energy and hygiene control objectives without compromising on the productivity and ease of access should opt for installing the high speed industrial doors.

  1. Warehouse with load-in and load-out doors
  2. Freezers and cold rooms
  3. Transport and logistics
  4. Milling and grain industries
  5. Pharmaceutical

You can customize the high speed doors as per the requirement and architectural feature of your building that can effectively match the aesthetics and deliver the best solutions.

To get top quality and customized high speed industrial doors, you can rely on the Westwood Security Shutters Ltd. We are proud to be rated as one of the most reliable manufacturers and suppliers in the UK that serves businesses across the globe. We use only the highest quality products and incorporate cutting edge technology to manufacture and install the durable and high-performance high speed industrial doors.

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