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Insulated Fire Shutters Hong Kong

If you are looking for the best insulated fire shutters in Hong Kong at the right prices, look no further than Westwood Britain's leading manufacturer, supplier and installer of insulated fire shutters , now represented in Hong Kong by Wonderlee.Hong Kong Insulated Fire Shutters This means you can now get 1,2,3 and 4 hour rated insulated fire shutters fully tested and certified - at the most competitive prices in Hong Kong for supply only or supply and install. Insulated fire shutters are an essential component of fire safety measures for your Hong Kong business, providing fire protection of up to four hours to the building, between building sections or between floors horizontal insulated fire shutters. This means you can secure your goods, protect your Hong Kong woekers and building by dramatically delaying the spread of fire. They also provide fire safety compliance, so your Hong Kong business can gain insurance pay-outs in the event of a fire. Westwood's agent is also happy to supply you with smoke curtains to further strengthen your fire control measures For an instant fire shutter quote for your Hong Kong company, call our 24 hour hotline 6931 0020 or email your enquiry

Why We Are No.1 For Hong Kong insulated fire shutters

Quality The best quality materials is used for the production of our insulated fire rated shutters for Hong Kong clients. All are fully tested to BSEN 1634-1 by Exova Warrington Fire Global Safety, who as part of Exova Group are one of the world's largest testing organisations, ensuring safety, quality and performance of products. We will happily inform you of all materials used in our manufacturing process and can also cater for any bespoke requests made by your Hong Kong business.Hong Kong Hatch Fire Shutters for Canteen Cost As manufacturers of insulated security shutters, we cut out middlemen and pass on the most competitive pricing to our Hong Kong customers. Choice Our insulated fire shutters come in different finishes and any RAL or BS4800 colour to suit your requirements at your Hong Kong company. Our double skin insulated lath shutters can also offer additional protection. Service Westwood pride themselves on offering all our Hong Kong customers superior customer service which doesn't end on the completion of your order. We actively seek feedback from our Hong Kong clients to ensure we are maintained our customary levels of customer service excellence.

Hong Kong insulated fire shutters Technical Details

We offer our Hong Kong clients three main methods of automatic operation for fire rated shutters. Firstly, a fusible link involves the use of solder as connection in the circuit: heat radiated from a nearby fire causes the solder to melt and this activates the door. Secondly, a fire relay means that the Fire Shutter or Fire Door is connected to the fire alarm system at your Hong Kong firm. When the alarm sounds, your Fire Shutter activates. Finally, a delayed Audio/Visual Warning used with the Fire Shutter is connected to the alarm system, and operates usually with a time delay very similarly to a fire relay. During this delay an additional alarm is sounded, warning those in close proximity to the door that is about to close, thus allowing safe exit of the affected area. Fire ShuttersBuilding regulations require that openings in fire resisting walls or partitions must have a door with an equivalent fire rating to that of the wall or partition. Option 1 insulated fire shutters Panel with 24 volt activation and single alarm, driven down by mains power supply. Option 2 As Option 1 but including a UPS power supply for use in the event of mains power failure to the insulated fire shutters. Option 3 insulated fire shutters Audio/Visual Panel, delay and split level drop with a 24 volt brake release gravity fail safe system. For full explanation of technical or other details abut how shutters will work at your Hong Kong company, don't hesitate to contact our friendly agent.

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