Westwood High Speed Doors

Westwood Security announced today the launch of their dedicated website for their new range of High Speed Doors. You can find the new website at :


General Sales Manager Matt Sands commented: “It is very helpful for our clients to be able to access all of our High Speed Door products via a dedicated website.

“The need for a separate site has arisen as a result of the growing popularity of these products. We have seen a large jump in the volume of enquiries and installations of fast action doors over the last 12 months”.

Mr Sands went on to explain some of the benefits of the fast operating roller shutter alternatives and looked forward to a busy season from now until next Spring. “If the weather is half as bad as last winter we will extremely busy fitting high speed doors. It is not very often that you can supply a product that pays for itself in savings made on heating costs alone which is the case for lots of customers.”

For further information about Westwood High Speed Roller Shutters and Fast Action Doors please call us on 0161 272 9333 or visit our new website to see examples of our products.