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We are a market leader in UK High Speed Door solutions delivering cost effective, economical, practical, integrated solutions tailored for every client.

Rapid Doors– or high speed doors– are an excellent solution for customers that have work areas that experience a high volume of traffic, and are especially effective in environments where high traffic is combined with a need for climate control or possibly restricting vermin. These doors are very popular within the food processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries and incorporate cutting-edge design and technology to provide the best performance possible in workplaces where speed and security are paramount.


Not only are Rapid/High Speed Doors more effective in terms of speed of operation, they are also better able to cope with the type of accidents common in high pressure environments. Instead of taking the full impact of collisions, High Speed Doors and then are able to be reset, keeping repair bills to a minimum.

Quick Guide

Generally there are three types of high speed doors: smaller self repairing doors, standard rolling doors and for the larger areas, folding horizontal doors.

Usually the doors are fitted internally, with an exterior roller shutter fitted externally for security. However, they can be fitted them externally if circumstances allow.

The only potential barrier to installing a high-speed door is if the doors are to be fitted in extremely windy areas. Please make us aware so we can seek the very best and appropriate solution.

High Speed Door Gallery

There are many types of high speed doors, each one specifically designed to accommodate a particular set of working requirements. Some examples are shown below, but please call or contact us for full details.


Access Methods

There are various access methods for high speed doors:

  • Key Switch
  • Floor Loop
  • Remote Control
  • Overhead Beam
  • Beam Between Posts
  • Pull Cord

Please enquire if you would like further advice or information on these options.

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Why Use High Speed Doors

Rapid Action

Much faster than standard doors.

Climate Control

Excellent heat retention, keeps dust and vermin out.

Tough and Resilient

Less repairs from impacts due to tough materials and flexible design.

For Busy Work Areas

Suitable for workplaces experiencing high volumes of traffic.

Suitable For Any Size

Many different sizes of openings are catered for.

Demo Video

High Speed Door Demonstration Video


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