Westwood Security Announce New Anti Jack Device

9th September, 2009

Roller Shutter DoorRoller Shutters are one of the very best methods available today for securing your premises and possessions in your absence. However, nothing can be 100% secure and Westwood’s goal is to continually improve our product range. Our Research and Development team have been working for some time on a method of adding additional security to light roller shutters.

Roller Shutters that are smaller and lighter in weight can potentially be compromised when the roller shutters are jacked up in order to override the internal mechanism and force the shutter to roll upwards. Westwood have today implemented added a spring loaded device that is connected to the barrel of the shutter. If the roller shutter lath is jacked up, the element simply springs out, thus jamming the shutter and rendering it impossible to lift vertically.

Westwood Sales Director Matt Sands commented: “This simple addition to our range again increases the level of security provided by Westwood products and demonstrates our absolute commitment to providing our clients with the very highest level of security possible. It also adds to the already unbeatable value for money that Westwood’s shutters represent”.

Westwood Security are a Premier UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Roller Shutters, Fire Shutters, Retractable Gates and a wide range of perimeter security products. For further information on our products and services please call us.

Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters at competitive prices.

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