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RAL Roller Shutter Colour Chart

RAL Roller Shutter Colour Chart

Use the RAL Colour Chart below to identify the ideal colour for your premises. Please note that due to variations in the colours displayed by non-colour corrected computer monitors, these colours may not be identical to the appearance of the products you receive. The colours displayed on screen have been produced electronically and are not a substitute for real colour samples, because our perception of colour is affected by the finish of the material, gloss, lighting conditions, and other factors.

Please, always choose the final colour using standard colour cards available from Westwood Security, because we don’t want you to be disappointed. It is also important to remember the surroundings and conditions for which you are choosing the colour. So look for the colour that will best suite your premises and possibly one that will match your business’ colour theme. These pages are only an approximate guide.

Roller Shutter RAL Colour Chart -

Industrial Door Colour Reference List

Steel HP 200 Finish Standard Colours

Goosewing Grey – 10A05

Heritage Green – RAL 6002

Moorland Green – 12B21

Merlin Grey – 18B25

Ocean Blue – 18C39

Olive Green – 12B27

Sargasso – RAL 5003

Van Dyke Brown – 08B29

Aztec Yellow – 10E55

Poppy Red – 04E53

Solent Blue – 18E53

Stucco Steel Architectural Polyester Finish Standard Colours 610mm x 40mm

Gentian Blue – RAL 5010

Sunset Red – RAL 3000

White – RAL 9010

Bone White – RAL 9002

Moss Green – RAL 6005

Sepia Brown – RAL 8014

Silver – RAL 9006