Roller Shutter Manufacture

How we make Roller Shutters.

Westwood Security are specialist manufacturers of all types of Roller Shutters, Fire Shutters and Industrial Insulated Doors. We manufacture Roller Shutters at our factory close to the centre of Manchester. Since 1994 our Roller Shutters have been produced to the highest standards and governed by our strict Quality Control methods.

Please note we now manufacture Single and Twin Skin lath Fire Rated Roller Shutters tested to 4 Hours. Exova Fire and Safety. BSEN 1634-1.

As part of our ongoing commitment to provide clients with a complete range of security options, we are now able to offer Fire Curtains and Smoke Curtains. Please call for details.

Roller Shutters are constructed primarily from mild steel lath of varying thicknesses. The standard finish for our Roller Shutters is 22 gauge galvanised steel. All guides, canopies, flags and L Rails etc are also galvanised steel for a long lasting, effective operation cycle.
Roller Shutters Manufacture - Rolling Mill Roller Shutters Manufacture - Large Channel Rolling Mill Roller Shutters Manufacture - Channel Rolling Mill

We roll various coils of plastisol covered steel, galvanised steel or mild steel through various roll forming machines to form bottom rails, angles, channels and different profiles of lathes.

Roller Shutter Manufacture 100mm Lath Rolling Mill Roller Shutter Angle Rolling Mill Roller Shutters Perf Punching Machine

We punch the perforated lathes and brick bond lathes before they are roll formed into lath.

Roller Shutter Bottom T Rail Rolling Mill Roller Shutter Bottom T Rail Rolling Mill Roller Shutter Lath Rolling Mill

Locking of manual Roller Shutters is usually by bullet or lath locks. Rocker switches, key switches or increasingly popular remote controls operate electrically operated Roller Shutters. We now offer an insulated 100mm roller shutter lath, ranging from domestic to heavy-duty industrial lath: maximum width 8.0m wide. Also, for domestic Roller Shutters we now have available an aluminium foam-filled lath in either a 77mm or 38mm deep profile with a range of colours.

The majority of customers prefer a coloured powder coated finish which can be any RAL or BS4800 colour.

Powder Coated Roller Shutters Roller Shutters Paint Spraying Roller Shutter Doors Paint Spraying

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Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters at competitive prices.

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