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Roller Shutter Specifications

The diagrams below illustrate the key Roller Shutter specifications that are required when establishing the size of opening for a roller shutter. Note that this service is supplied by Rollershutter.co.uk staff if you are uncertain about how to obtain the specifications for your Roller Shutters.

Specification Of Your Roller Shutter Opening

The image below views the opening from the side of the premises on which the security product will be mounted, normally the Public side. The measurements required are of the space available. Remember that our Roller Shutters are custom built to your exact requirements, hence the measuring process is more flexible. The overall Roller Shutter specification is flexible and will be provided in consulation with Westwood Security sales staff. Please feel welcome to contact us over any questions you may have. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to help in any way. TO DISCUSS YOUR PREFERRED ROLLER SHUTTER SPECIFICATION CONTACT US NOW. How to Measure a Roller Shutter Door Opening

A - LH Face B - RH Face C - Top Face D - Width InBetween - Width of Opening E - Height InBetween - Height of Opening F - Ceiling Space

      Select the style of your requirement from the Reference Examples below (Birds eye view)   Note: You must add 60 mm aprox for a Motor Side Spacer depends on the size of the door. If possible please indicate which side that you would want the motor located? (When a electrical roller shutter.) Roller Shutter specifications are available via email - call us now for details.

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