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Sectional overhead doors

Space-saving overhead doors

Whether for a household garage or a large industrial building, our sectional overhead doors could be the perfect way to save space without having to weaken your security.

The design of sectional overhead doors, which are made up of various sections and flexible material in-between, mean that the doors open vertically, so you don’t need to worry about space either in front or behind the door. It’s this versatility and ingenious design that means sectional overhead doors are a popular solution for a range of applications and problems.
We’ve been delivering and installing sectional overhead doors for more than two decades across the UK. We can provide a door that meets your exact needs, including ones with vision panels for improved visibility, to ensure it suits your purpose, amount of use, and more. If you want to learn more about how sectional overhead doors could be installed in your property and improve operations, you can contact us with your questions.






Benefits of sectional overhead doors

It’s not just the space saving aspect that makes sectional overhead doors a worthy investment.

Provide thermal insulation

Our sectional overhead doors provide superior thermal insulation, resulting in reduced heat loss or ‘cold bridging’, helping you to cut energy bills.

Ease of access

These types of doors are simple and quick to both open and close, ensuring you can always gain access with minimal disruption.

There’s a versatile range of options

There’s more than one type of sectional overhead doors, so you can pick out the best for your building and layout.

Sound reduction

Our doors don’t just reduce heat loss but noise pollution too. They’re an ideal solution if you’re using the space frequently and are situation in a noisy area.

Strong level of protection

Overhead sectional doors can offer the same protection level as typically roller shutters, so you can rest assured that your property is safe.

Types of sectional overhead doors
There are several different configurations of sectional overhead doors to suit different property types and how the space is used.