Smoke Control Systems Liverpool

Kitchen Smoke CurtainsIn the event of a Fire in your workplace in Liverpool, more often than not, smoke and hazardous gasses cause the most injuries or deaths. If you have an effective Smoke Control System in place in Liverpool then you can avoid much of the potential risk for your employees. Westwood Smoke control systems are proved to help prevent the spread of fire and the resulting dangerous fumes in Liverpool.

Fire and Smoke Curtains are most effective when used as part of a Liverpool smoke control system. It is possible to create smoke reservoirs from which smoke and hot gases can be extracted or diverted away from areas where employees are evacuating.

Kitchen Smoke Curtains

The use of Smoke Curtains in Liverpool, separating rooms such as kitchens, that could more likely be the source of the fire can help contain the spread of poisonous gasses and create time for people in the area to escape. The easy use of Smoke Curtains in Liverpool mean that they are very unobtrusive when not in use, and provide a seamless back up in case of emergency. They have a fail safe system that ensures they work in the event of a fire, even if the power is out.

Smoke Curtains over Stairs and Escalators in Liverpool

Positioning of smoke curtains between floors in your building is a perfect tactical way to ensure the poisonous gasses are obstructed in their natural path of rising in the even of a fire. Work places often have a work shop on the ground floor, for ease of access and have offices above. Our Smoke curtains blocking off stairways and escalators can make it possible for the employees to escape and avoid the hazardous fumes and smoke that rises in the event of a fire.

Liverpool Fire and Smoke Curtain Specifications

Westwood UKs Fire / Smoke curtains have been successfully tested and are supplied with a failsafe system to ensure closure even if the power is out.

Our Curtains are available in wide spans and can be face fixed, soffit fixed or suspended. Smoke Curtains can be supplied in unlimited widths by use of an overlap system, with curtains up to 5 metres wide being serviced by single span rollers.

  • Automatic operation
  • Support for servery and hatches
  • Custom built to your specification
  • Short lead times
  • Slim, lightweight and easy to install
  • 1hr fire resistance
  • Helps to prevent the passage of smoke and gases
  • 240V operation with battery back-up

Coated fibre-glass material tested to withstand temperatures of 600 Degrees Centigrade for one hour. The thickness of the Smoke Curtain is approximately 0.75mm.

High Speed Door ImageBottom Rail and Roller

A bottom rail is attached to the curtain and this rail is designed to stop at ceiling level or into a recess in the box when raised. The curtain coils on to a steel roller mounted on endplate bearings.

Fire / Smoke Curtain Box

The central roller and coiled up Smoke Curtain is housed in a galvanised metal box, which is fixed to the structure of the building. The box is galvanised as standard and can be polyester powder coated at extra cost.

Smoke Curtain Operation

Smoke curtains are electrically operated by 240V Tubular Motors and are supplied with a control panel that is connected to the main fire alarm panel for the area. Standard control panel will operate a single motor or alternatively a group panel can be supplied to manage multiple motors within a single smoke compartment.