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Smoke Curtains Hong Kong

We supply the very best quality smoke curtains for Hong Kong businesses manufactured in England by Westwood Security Shutters Ltd. "Smoke Curtains hong kong" Smoke curtains form an added vital defence against smoke, so make a sensible addition to any Hong Kong company's fire protection policy. As most people know, smoke is the major cause of casualties with fires, but smoke curtains restrict the lateral spread of smoke and harmful gases along the underside of ceilings. Smoke curtains are a crucial device in the battle against fire and smoke. The prevention of smoke from spreading gives added time for people to evacuate buildings. Additionally, smoke curtains can help for reservoirs to channel and extract smoke and gases.

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Hong Kong's Best Value Smoke Curtains

All our smoke curtains for Hong Kong customers have been thoroughly tested and possess a failsafe system for closure should power fail during a fire. The coated fibreglass curtains can withstand up to 600 degrees heat We have flexible options such as different spans, face fixed, sofit fixed or suspended, and there is unlimited widths due to an overlap system with 5m wide curtains serviced by single span rollers Smoke Curtain SuppliersKey details:-
  • operate automatically
  • support for hatches and servery
  • built exactly to your requirements
  • easy installation
  • lightweight
  • 4 hours of resistance to fire
  • blocks passage of smoke and lethal gases
  • 240v tubular motor operated with battery back up
  • control panel connects to fire alarm panel and curtains will close if alarm activated or there is a power failure
  • unlimited width and up to 10m high

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