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Smoke Curtains

Smoke Curtains

Providing flexible Smoke Curtains solutions to the U.K.

Westwood Security provide Fire and Smoke Curtains at some of the best value UK prices and are delivered on short lead times. Smoke Curtains restrict the lateral spread of Fire, in the event of fire. Fire Curtains are most effective as part of a comprehensive Fire control strategy.

Technical Info

Standard Fire / Smoke Curtains Specification

Coated fiber-glass material tested to withstand temperatures of 600 Degrees Centigrade for one hour.  The thickness of the Smoke Curtain is approximately 0.75mm.

Bottom Rail and Roller

A bottom rail is attached to the curtain and this rail is designed to stop at ceiling level or into a recess in the box when raised. The curtain coils on to a steel roller mounted on endplate bearings.

Fire / Smoke Curtain Box

The central roller and coiled up Smoke Curtain is housed in a galvanized steel box, which is fixed to the structure of the building. The box is galvanized as standard and can be polyester powder coated at extra cost.

Smoke Curtain Operation

Smoke curtains are electrically operated by 240V Tubular Motors and are supplied with a control panel that is connected to the main fire alarm panel for the area. Standard control panel will operate a single motor or alternatively a group panel can be supplied to manage multiple motors within a single smoke compartment.

The system requires a 240V single phase fused spur within one metre of the control panel.

Failsafe Operation

In the event of power failure, the curtains will automatically close by gravity with a controlled descent. Additionally on receipt of a signal from the fire alarm panel, the curtains will failsafe close by gravity and open automatically when the fire signal ceases.

About Exova Fire and Safety


The benefits of fire and smoke curtains

If you’re considering installing fire and smoke curtains across your building, there are many advantages that you can benefit from.

All buildings need to meet fire and safety standard and fire and smoke curtains can support your wider measures.
Fire and smoke curtains are designed to be hidden from view, only descending when they’re needed. It means the solution doesn’t affect the aesthetics or functionality of your building.
Smoke and fire curtains can be incorporated into your existing safety systems to provide an added layer of protection. We can install a curtain that will work when your current alarms go off.
Our offering doesn’t only help you meet your requirements. It can ensure that your building and occupants are protected, providing up to an extra four hours of protection in the event of a fire.
We manufacture all our products, so we can create a bespoke solution with your needs and building in mind.

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