Twin Skin Insulated Industrial Roller Shutters Pass the Test

Insulated Industrial Doors UK19th July, 2010
Westwood Security today announced that their Twin Skin Insulated Roller Shutters have been successfully tested to the stringent BS EN 1634 -1 standard at Warrington Exova. These steel insulated (fire resistant rock wool) twin skinned shutters were tested up to 4 hours fire protection, the international recognised standard benchmark in the Fire and Building Industry.
We believe that thermal insulation, which will help to reduce your heating bills, is a key factor when considering insulated roller shutters. The lower the figure of the U-value of the equipment, the more effective the insulation. Westwood twin skin insulated roller shutters have a U-value of just 1.4 w/m2.

Westwood Security Shutters can now offer twin skin fire shutters tested for fire resistance for up to 1, 2, 3 or 4 hours.

The Twin Skin fire shutters will be of particular interest to Architects, Builders and Designers for use in Chemical Plants, Colleges, Hospitals, Kitchens, Schools, Shopping Centres, Stadia and any Public Building with a large of foot fall.
A key advantage that Twin Skin shutters offer over standard single skin fire rated roller shutters is that when activated in a fire situation, the shutter radiates significantly less heat on the passive side. This can be a critical factor in a situation where the door is close to a fire exit route, thus protecting people and goods. Also, where flammable or “sensitive to heat” materials are stored, this will help in delaying any heat transfer damage.
Other benefits of Twin Skin insulated shutters are the increased security, sound and heat retention properties that help with various day to day situations and requirements.
Fire shutters are generally effectively used in conjunction with a building fire alarm system. They provide for controlled compartmentalisation and allow safe routes for people to leave the building in an orderly fashion, whilst also protecting and delaying the progress of smoke and fire damage to the building and surrounding areas.