Westwood Add “Brick Bond Lath” to Range

27th July, 2007

Brick bond type roller shutterFollowing many requests from clients, the Research and Development team at Westwood Security Shutters Ltd have today announced the addition into the product line of the Brick Bond style of Lath to the Westwood Roller Shutter range. This is in addition to the normal solid 77mm lath with micro dot holes known as Perforated Lath. The Brick Bond lath is punched out of standard 77mm S-shaped curled lath Leaving a 155 wide x 38mm high punched hole. This product is especially useful where retail customers such as Estate Agents wish people to see through the Roller Shutters when they are closed for business, particularly during the evenings and at night when many people are attracted by lit window displays. Westwood’s Brick Bond is normally manufactured from thicker Lath to retain its strength rigidity characteristics.

The punched holes can be configured directly above each other or offset, in a similar way to how bricks are laid in a brick wall.

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