Westwood Go The Extra Mile For Their Customers

Many companies talk the talk when it comes to the excellence of their customer services but few companies walk the walk like Westwood Security Shutters Limited.

Westwood have become the UK’s leading supplier of security shutters, and increasingly a leading exporter, due to high quality products matched with outstanding customer service.

"westwood's customer service at its finest"
KEEPING THE CUSTOMERS HAPPY: Ken Metcalfe, shortly before embarking on his journey

But many companies in this market similarly claim to possess superior customer services, so it’s reassuring to see that Westwood really do deliver on this promise.

A Westwood customer based in Lyon, France required five high-speed security doors on the eve of Christmas for a factory opening.

However, transport suppliers were unable to make the delivery at short-notice so close to Christmas.

Most suppliers at this point would have made their apologies and pledged to get the doors to the customer at the earliest opportunity.

But most suppliers aren’t Westwood.

Showing how they place a premium on honouring commitments to all customers, Ken Metcalfe, Westwood’s export manager, took it upon himself to personally deliver the doors the very next day, driving a car and trailer down to the south of France much to the customer’s delight.

If Westwood’s managers are prepared to drive over 1000km at Christmas to help their customers meet their needs, then you know you really are receiving special customer service

It’s all too easy to be cynical, but some companies really do have the credentials to back up their claims of excellence in customer services.

Westwood operate a worldwide expert service, delivering on orders to Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

Call Westwood on +44 161 272 9333 (Head office) to take advantage of the best security shutter products and service.