Westwood Secure State of the Art Rolling Mill

12th May, 2009

roller shutters news articlesThe Westwood Security main production facility in Central Manchester has this week taken delivery of a 12 station roll-former rolling mill with automated cut off and counter. This significant investment is in line with Westwood’s strategic development and demonstrates their determination to remain at the top of the Roller Shutter and Retractable Gate security products market.

The investment will speed up greatly the manufacturing process of the wicket and lattices used in the retractable gate range. This will enable Westwood to further automate manufacture of the retractable gate products with lead times to customers correspondingly reduced. In future the production team will simply need to assemble the components of the gates, which all saves time and money. Needless to say these savings can be passed on to the customer. Production Consultant Tommy Sheenan from Tinbashers of Stockport was a great help in designing and supplying a first class machine which will go on to work successfully for many years to come.

Westwood Security are a Premier UK Manufacturer and Supplier of Roller Shutters, Fire Resistant Shutters, Retractable Gates and a wide range of perimeter security products. For further information on our products and services please get in touch via our Contact Page or call us on 0161 272 9333.

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Fire Rated Roller Shutters tested to 4 Hours BS EN 1634-1

(The Twin Skin Insulated Lath is more robust offering additional heat radiation protection)




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