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Fire Shutter Compliance Wolverhampton

Wolverhampton companies must ensure full fire shutter compliance when looking for new fire shutters.

Why is fire shutter compliance so vital for Wolverhampton firms?

Fire Shutter Compliance WolverhamptonIf your Wolverhampton fire shutters are not fully compliant, certified and tested, you may find insurance companies unwilling to recognise your claims, which has led to the closure of businesses in the past. More importantly, any lack of fire shutter compliance for your Wolverhampton shutters, it's putting your employees, products and premises at greater risk. The main reason for choosing fire shutters in Wolverhampton is because of their enhanced fire protection. Any lack of fire shutter compliance can considerably reduce the real protection given to your Wolverhampton premises.  

Westwood Guarantee Fire Shutter Compliance in Wolverhampton

Westwood were established in 1992 and with years of experience and expertise under their belt can be relied upon to meet all the criteria for fire shutter compliance in Wolverhampton. We make and install Single and Twin Skin lath Fire Rated Shutters tested to 4 Hours by Exova Fire and Safety. We can provide testing details and certification as evidence of fire shutter compliance to any Wolverhampton customers needing to meet certain building regulations. All of our fire shutters installed in Wolverhampton are compliant to British Standard BSEN 1634-1. This means your fire shutters will give you the fire protection you need as part of your fire safety procedures, and their compliance will ensure no problems with insurance companies. Call us for a friendly informal chat should you be interested in the best quality fire shutters at the best prices in Wolverhampton. We are happy to discuss with our Wolverhampton customers details of the materials used in our manufacturing and the merits of different Fire Shutter options within your particular Fire Safety strategy. Westwood promise a speedy turnaround from your initial order and in emergency circumstances can even provide Wolverhampton clients with same day delivery.  

Added Protection for Wolverhampton Companies

Fire Shutters are becoming increasingly popular with our Wolverhampton customers. As long as your Wolverhampton fire shutters are fully compliant, they offer an additional 4 hours protection against fire than normal roller shutters time that can prove essential in preventing loss of property and injury to employees. In the vent of a fire at your Wolverhampton firm, fire shutters help section off the blaze and protect the building and people. If you own a Wolverhampton business and take seriously the protection and security of your premises and staff, then you should consider getting fully compliant fire shutters. Each year Wolverhampton businesses close after insurance companies refuse to meet claims because building regulations and Loss Prevention Council requirements have not been met in relation to fire spread. Fire Shutters from Westwood Security are the ideal way to ensure compliance. View Larger Map View Our Image Gallery for more images of Fire Shutters.

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