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Insulated Roller Shutters are available in a wide choice of colours, with a variety of operational uses. Insulated Shutters are extremely popular due to their ability to withstand very frequent usage along side their ease of use and the protection that they afford from noise, draughts and unwanted intruders. Industrial Insulated Roller Shutters can be used as fire rated / fire resistant doors. These doors can be manufacturer up to 10 metres wide and 6 metres high. All Insulated Roller Shutters are manufactured indvidually at our factory in Manchester and made using the highest quality materials. Our Industrial Insulated Roller Shutters are custom built to your own specific needs. We can use either a single phase or three phase motor operation depending on the size and specific customer requirements. Insulated Roller Shutters are manufactured with twin skin 100mm lath and foam filled inserts. The external finishes can be either the basic galvanised steel, plastisol or powder coated finishes. Please inform us during the iniatial quotation process if you propose to use your insulated roller shutters in high frequency usage areas such as a car park.
We believe that thermal insulation, which will help to reduce your heating bills, is a key factor when considering insulated roller shutters. The lower the figure of the U-value of the equipment, the more effective the insulation. Westwood twin skin insulated roller shutters have a U-value of just 1.4 w/m2.
Please note we now manufacture single and double skin insulated lath Fire Rated Roller Shutters tested to 4 hours (The double skin insulated lath offers additional heat radiation protection) Supply only DIY Kits or Supply and Install Nationwide As we manufacture our own product we offer Supply only DIY Kits so that you or someone else can install the roller shutters, but we do recommend you have us install your shutters as this will give you the increased reliability or our services. We have experienced engineers located throughout the country to help you install and service your security shutters, should you experience any problems. We offer a quick turnaround and in emergency situations will do our best to offer a same-day replacement service, if supply only we can offer a next day overnight delivery service. If your business premises require additional security, ease of access, reliable operation with a variety of controls and finishes, Westwood Security Shutters Ltd have the products, experience and craftsmanship to deliver the solution you need. Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you. We are a friendly, approachable company and are more than willing to help in any way that we can. For more information about our Insulated Roller Shutter Doors, call us NOW:

Tel: 0161 272 9333 (North) or 0208 166 9933 (South)

Roller Shutter Enquiries Insulated Industriall Doors offer excellent thermal qualities, much greater than levels specified by building regulations. The variety of configurations including viewing panels available makes the industrial doors offered by both convenient and customisable. Our Insulated Industrial Doors are ideally suited for: Available Colours Steel HP 200 Finish Standard Colours
  • Goosewing Grey - 10A05
  • Heritage Green - RAL 6002
  • Moorland Green - 12B21
  • Merlin Grey - 18B25
  • Ocean Blue - 18C39
  • Olive Green - 12B27
  • Sargasso - RAL 5003
  • Van Dyke Brown - 08B29
  • Aztec Yellow - 10E55
  • Poppy Red - 04E53
  • Solent Blue - 18E53
Stucco Steel Architectural Polyester Finish Standard Colours
  • Gentian Blue - RAL 5010
  • Sunset Red - RAL 3000
  • White - RAL 9010
  • Bone White - RAL 9002
  • Moss Green - RAL 6005
  • Sepia Brown - RAL 8014
  • Silver - RAL 9006
Westwood Roller Doors are the perfect Security Shutters for Shop Shutters and other commercial applications. We also supply Fire Rated Shutters nationally and internationally at competitive prices.

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