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Westwood Security Shutters of Leeds specialise in the manufacture, distribution and installation of all types of Security Shutters. We have manufactured and installed Security Shutters in the Leeds area since 1994 and we make all Security Shutters to the highest possible standard, each tailor-made to suit the specific environment of the client. If you are based in or around the Leeds area, we offer a quotation within the hour and we can promise you the very best in customer service as we understand and respect your issues. Please feel welcome to contact us over any matter that may occur to you. We are a friendly, appoachable company and are more than willing to to help in any way.

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Our Leeds Security Shutters clients range from smaller businesses to large multi-site companies. We frequently work with Leeds Schools, Colleges, Universities, Local Councils, the NHS and other Public Bodies and government departments. Representatives of Public Sector organisations should ensure they contact us when sourcing suppliers, as we can guarantee a competitive quote and excellent service, always tailored to your needs. The Westwood Security Shutters range of Security Shutters are complemented by a comprehensive product line to manage all of your physical security needs across a wide range of industrial, commercial and domestic applications. We install our Security Shutters to Offices, Shops, Factories, Warehouses, Schools and other Public Buildings such as Hospitals, Clinics, Doctors Surgeries, Nurseries, Health Centres, Colleges, Schools, Universities, Libraries, Swimming Baths, Gyms, Recreation Centres, Prisons and Retirement Homes. External Roller Shutter SecurityOur Security Shutters can be manually operated by hand, chain, or the popular electrical operation roller shutter, powered by a high quality tubular motor with single or three phase operation. Security Shutter lath can be produced in gauges 0.7mm (22swg), 0.9mm (20swg), 1.2m(18swg) and 1.5mm (16swg) in galvanised material or 0.7mm (22swg) and 0.9mm (20swg) in plastisol colour coated material. The budget finish for our Security Shutters is 22 gauge galvanised steel. All guides, canopies, flags and bottom L rails etc are also galvanised steel for a long lasting, effective operation cycle, ensuring the longevity of your Roller Shutter. The majority of customers prefer to have a coloured/powder coated finish and we offer any RAL or BS4800 colour which are generally more pleasing to the eye. Locking of manual Leeds Security Shutters is usually by bullet or lath locks. Rocker switches, key switches or increasingly popular remote controls operate electrically operated Roller Shutters. We now offer an insulated 100mm roller shutter lath, ranging from domestic to heavy-duty industrial lath: maximum width 8.0m wide. Also, for domestic roller shutters we now have available an aluminium foam filled lath in either a 77m or 38m deep profile with a range of colours.

After many years of continued develpoment we are confident we offer some of the finest Security Shutters available in Leeds.

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