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Fire / Smoke Curtains Derby

Derby Fire CurtainsWestwood Security are the leading provider of quality Fire Curtains in Derby. We Provide Derby Fire Curtains at some of the lowest UK prices and are delivered on short lead times. Fire curtains restrict the lateral spread of Fire offering smoke ventilation possibilities. Fire Curtains are most effective as part of a comprehensive Fire control strategy. Fire reservoirs can be created using Fire Curtains from which Fire and hot gas can be extracted and to prevent the spread of Fire which is useful to allow time for people to evacuate. Fire shutters and smoke curtains are recommended for key areas of a fire safety strategy and Westwood offer canteen fire curtains, servery smoke curtains, kitchen smoke curtains and Smoke and Fire Curtains on Escalators and Stairs. Westwood also provide a full range of BS compliant automatic and fixed Fire Curtains.

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We also manufacture and install High speed doors, Industrial insulates doors, Transparent roller shutters, Twin skin insulated fire shutters and Retractable gates.   We also manufacture fire shutters and a full range of perimeter security products. See our Fire Shutters page for further details. Derby Fire Curtains are more than simply an addition to a ventilation system. Derby Fire Curtains save lives. They are an essential component to stop the spread of smoke and lethal gases. We offer Fire Curtains with 1 to 4 hour resistance to fire. Fire Curtains are also frequently referred to as Smoke Curtains. Westwood Derby Fire curtains have been successfully tested and are supplied with a failsafe system to ensure closure in the event of power failure. Our Fire Curtains are available in wide spans and can be face fixed, soffit fixed or suspended. Fire Curtains can be supplied in unlimited widths by use of an overlap system, with curtains up to 5 metres wide being serviced by single span rollers.Derby Fire Curtains
  • Automatic operation
  • Support for servery and hatches
  • Custom built to your specification
  • Short lead times
  • Slim, lightweight and easy to install
  • 4hr fire resistance
  • Sealed to prevent the passage of fire or Fire
  • 240V operation with battery back-up

Standard Fire Curtains Specification

Fire Curtain Coated fiberglass material tested to withstand temperatures of 600 Degrees Centigrade for one hour. The thickness of the Fire Curtain is approximately 0.75mm. Bottom Rail and Roller A bottom rail is attached to the curtain and this rail is designed to stop at ceiling level or into a recess in the box when raised. The curtain coils on to a steel roller mounted on endplate bearings. Fire Curtain Box The central roller and coiled up Fire Curtain is housed in a galvanised metal box, which is fixed to the structure of the building. The box is galvanised as standard and can be polyester powder coated at extra cost. Fire Curtain Operation Fire curtains are electrically operated by 240V Tubular Motors and are supplied with a control panel that is connected to the main fire alarm panel for the area. Standard control panel will operate a single motor or alternatively a group panel can be supplied to manage multiple motors within a single Fire compartment. The system requires a 240V single phase fused spur within one metre of the control panel. Failsafe Operation In the event of power failure, the curtains will automatically close by gravity with a controlled descent. Additionally on receipt of a signal from the fire alarm panel, the curtains will failsafe close by gravity and open automatically when the fire signal ceases.
MAXIMUM SIZES Unlimited width x 10 metres high.
OPERATING SPEED Approximately 75mm per second.
WEIGHT Typically 30kgs per linear metre of width for curtain, box and bottom rail.
If you purchase Fire Curtains or Smoke Curtains from Westwood Security Shutters Ltd, you will enjoy the highest levels of customer service according to our customer charter: We are totally dedicated to matching our customer requirements Our success is predicated on our ability to satisfy our customers who judge our products and services on the basis of their own needs - which we see as a barometer of our success. We seek the highest quality in all we do Westwood Security Shutters Ltd has built its reputation on quality and we will continue to meet and improve on the standards we have set. We respect our employees, supplier and business partners We will invest in the our employees who will share in the success of our business. We will conduct all business affairs ethically, with integrity, and in support of our mission and operating principles, and with free market values. For nearly 20 years, Westwood Security Shutters Ltd has been guided by these principles, which have made us the leading company in the roller shutter industry. View Larger Map

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If your business is located around derby we can often provide a next day service. Our engineers cover Barrow upon Trent, Borrowash, Duffield, Little Eaton, Littleover, Mackworth, Oakbrook, Radbourne, Senson, Shardlow and Weston Underwood.

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